AI-Powered Packaging is Changing the way Warehouses Function

We all agreed with Andrew NG when he said “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity”.

Warehouse Packaging Industry is seeing a new surge in all the new AI-powered packaging technologies, this will change the face and fate of the packaging industry.

AI is transforming businesses, among many, it has had a very significant impact on the packaging industry. Smart AI packaging warehouses are gaining momentum. 

There is a deep relation between AI and sustainability – AI is helping the world become super sustainable and that is exactly what the packaging industry is thriving to achieve. The stiff competition is pushing companies to innovate their packaging techniques and achieve an edge in the market. 

AI-Powered Packaging

The growth in the use of AI in packaging has evolved over time. Global advancements in the trade have demanded warehouses and distribution channels to work faster and smoother. 

There has been a steep increase in demand for carton boxes, consumer goods, sustainable and flexible packaging, etc and these have become the key levers to introduce AI in this area. 

What are AI-infused Packaging Warehouses?

Smart warehouse is a concept that’s gaining popularity, the concept focuses to integrate data from various sources to make informed and intellectual improvements. 

Warehouses are a complex process and have their own unique set of challenges. Smart warehouses are powered by IoT (Internet of Things), AI, Radio frequency identification (RFID), and other smart technologies. 

Packaging is the key player in building a smart warehouse and that’s why we see a huge surge in RPA bot vendors – this gives packaging an edge. Ai helps in providing key packaging updates by analyzing data from various sources in near-real-time. 

Check out how we are making bots work 24*7 to package the goods.

Path-breaking Robotic Packing Innovation

Manufacturers have begun using smart AI-powered bots who not only package the goods but also analyze and share insights to improve efficiency and make the mundane task faster and smarter. 


An Italian start-up Unisorting is working on smart packaging technologies to reduce costs. Their automatic packing solution can group, pick and pack items into designated packages.

ADLINK Technology

On the other hand, ADLINK Technology introduced a computer vision-based Internet of Things use case throughout distribution. They showcased AI-based machine vision cameras installed over dual pallets which were to be loaded with boxes that system processed as digitized corrugated shipping containers. 

The person monitoring the screen could view the lights turn green if the boxes were placed on the proper pallet.

Using Data Annotation “We’re generating information about the size, shape, and location of that box in 3D space and time, as well as data about the speed and accuracy of the pallet loading process.” Said Daniel Collins, director ADLink IoT North America

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AMP Robotics

Carlton Council of North America and AMP Robotics combined the use of IoT and AI and developed a robot that can sort cartons, plastic containers, and bottles. The robot was named Clarke

All the recyclable materials are collected and shipped to the materials recovery facility. These materials are classified and as per the category they are sent to be recycled. Clarke has a smart camera powered with machine learning data annotation. This camera helps Clarke to identify recyclable and non-recyclable materials. 

Clarke is learning every day and as of today it can identify 150 different types of cartons and it utilizes its spider-like grip to pick them up. It is so efficient that in a minute it can pick about 60 times in comparison to an average human who can only lift 40 times if they are working for 16 hours without a break.

Machine Learning Data Annotation in Packaging Industry

In the above example of Clarke the robot what if Clarke fails to identify products which can lead to serious confusion and chaos. Accuracy is everything and here accuracy comes from the annotation. 

Building smart robots that can power the packaging industry is the need of the hour. To build one such robot a deep neural network needs to be trained to extract features and classify images accordingly, keeping in check the factor in variations. 

Machine learning models rely heavily on data and if labeling is incorrect then the system will become a huge cost burden to the companies utilising it. So choose your data annotation service provider wisely. 

Labellerr A Smart Data Annotation Platform for Packaging Industry

An agile and scalable data annotation can solve all your voes related to model performance and accuracy. Get risk-free and accurate data annotation with Labellerr. 

Labellerr serves 3 product/service:

1. AI-Assisted Data Annotation Tool: This tool is a complete suite on which clients upload their data set and distribute the work to multiple annotators with all required project management workflow.

2. On-Demand WorkForce: Does your business need more human annotators to perform labeling tasks? If yes then you can choose one or more 3rd party vendors on our platform itself – A marketplace that can put this task to ease. 

3. Plug-n-Play Pre Trained Model: Pre Trained model accessible via APIs. Labellerr has products that can deliver APIs with basic functioning to reach clients and can be modified on request. 

Sign up with Labellerr today and see how you can generate high-quality training data to build your AI/ML model faster. 

Labellerr, Automated AI and Data Annotation SAAS platform

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